Tree Services

Tree work should only be done by those fully trained and equipped to work safely in trees. All our staff are adequately trained and qualified to nationally recognised standards set out by being Arb. Assoc. Approved Contractors. It is essential not to complete any work on trees covered by Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) or conservation area orders without the Local Authority Approval, we provide an application service for free in most instances.

Ken Linford 


Pruning is an essential part of maintaining tree health and there are many ways to reduce and prune trees, taking into account tree health and vigour, including reducing the overall size (crown reducing), removing the lower branches to increase ground clearance (crown raising), thinning out the tree to allow for better wind through, therefore reducing the sail of the tree and possible danger in high winds (crown thinning). Removing dead, dying or diseased wood, climbing plants growing within the tree (deadwooding). Pruning of young trees to ensure good growth and form to prevent problems in later years (formative pruning).


When it is required to remove a tree we have fully qualified staff to be able to remove it safely. If space is an issue we can sectional fell a tree from rope and harness, using specialist equipment to lower the timber to ground level. We also have staff qualified to work from access platforms and can arrange contract crane hire if needed.

Stump/root removal

The most common way we use to remove unwanted stumps is by mechanical means using a stump grinder. However there are occasions where mechanical means aren’t appropriate and then we are able to poison the stump to encourage natural decomposition.


If the roots of the tree need to be examined or the area around the tree becomes compacted then a special tool can be used to safely remove the soil without damaging the root system and aiding drainage. Once removed mulch can be added which can offer nutrients to the tree. We are one of a few companies in the region able to offer this service.

Cable Bracing

We use non-invasive flexible cable bracing systems where appropriate to support large unions which have the potential to fail. Such bracing techniques may enable the retention of a tree which might otherwise need extensive and expensive pruning works or removal.

Site Clearance

Tree and vegetation clearance for small or large scale building or civil engineering projects.

Tree Surveys

We can arrange a range of tree reports/inspections to be completed by fully qualified Arboricultural Consultants. Please contact us with your specific requirements and we can provide you with a quotation.